Cómo te ve el sol.

Título original “How the Sun Sees You”, una creación original de Tom Leveritt.


Filmado con una cámara ultravioleta, muestra lo que el ojo humano aún no es capaz ver pero que ya está ahí.

Fuente: How the Sun Sees You by Thomas Leveritt. Music: ‘Summer in the City – Starcadian remix’ by Freedom Fry http://freedomfry.bandcamp.com/track/…

The Swell of a Life Time

Some days are just worth a lifetime or even two. The following video captures one of the unique moments were the elements, the planets, the sun and the moon play together to deliver a few days back in paradise.

Hurricane Marie was the cause of a Swell on August, 27th 2014 in Newport Beach that few who were hade the chance to ride it will ever forget.

Enjoy it.