Pixar – The other company of Steve Jobs.

Nowadays still many people keep relentlessly asking what will be the future of Apple Inc., there’s no Steve Jobs to steer the company into the future. It has been almost 4 whole years since his last leave; a record of unbeatable year to year sales, cash reserves, earnings and skyrocketing market capitalization.

However for those still sceptic, there’s a precedent on how he passed the baton and how successfully that most seems to have overlooked and forgotten.  I refer to Pixar, the company whose brand he made a household name. Brand that in animated pictured has yet today much more clout than the all mighty Disney.

He left the role of CEO of Pixar much before than leaving Apple. He found a way to sell it to its main customer and probably its only threat too, Disney. He had built such strong brand and culture is such a short time, that Disney wisely decided to keep it as a separated brand, team and philosophy. That was all built during the Jobs tenure and time has proven Disney right in its decision keep it as Job had envisioned. As such Pixar is still the very best animation studio, their features have a magic to them that others have not been able to grasp less copy and every one of them has been a blockbuster for Pixar and Disney.

If we want proof Steve Job could create a brand, a culture, a group of very talented people, a system, a spark, a think out of the box that he could successfully pass on and that would eventually supersede him, making possible a long-term continued success after he left and of which we already have proof at Pixar and we are seeing it at Apple Inc.

The Trio of Pixar
The Trio of Pixar

Doesn’t matter if you do think he was a jerk or a genius, you may vilify or glorify him, but almost the only thing you cannot do is ignore him, because only people like him, round pegs in square holes, are either naïf or crazy enough to challenge the “status quo” and change things…

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