Hey, Hate Hanging Out with a Group in Which You Don’t Really Know Anybody.

Ready for a Mission
The Mediterranean Sea, a F14 Tomcat Ready for Launch to Patrol Over Irak

The great guidelines presented in the article linked below will help you overcome that anxiety you probably get when dealing with these type of “situations”.

After all, when we have neither clear rules of engagement nor your wingman on your side, it’s normal to stress out. It will only happen until you get briefed and engage into you first real dogfight, then after getting out alive (trust me, every one does —unlike in war–). After that it’s just a matter on getting on the next one ASAP (don’t forget to debrief and take a break), the point is to have you flying back just between the moment your unconscious memory settles what you had consciously learned and before the latest wear.

Each time around you’ll feel less anxiety thus stress and soon (sooner that you think); you’ll realize you are really comfortable flying solo and thus enjoying it.

Read “the Rules of Engagement“: Non-Creepy Networking: Party Etiquette

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