Steve’s Tangible Heritage For Humankind

If Steve were still alive, They would had probably set up Ground to Air Defenses, expecting something of this sort given the popularity of Quad Copters and similar birds…

Well, since he isn’t around any longer we can enjoy the aerial view of the Massive Construction Site of Apple’s Next Campus in Cupertino.

Otherwise this video would have been more like the footage of a WWII bomber trying to get in and out of Berlin… I sure miss the challenge, it was part of the rules of engagement.

Nonetheless, It’s been recognized that it’s a gazillion times more fun to be a Pirate than joining the Navy… But part of that “romantic” fun had to do with the adrenaline shot derived from the real or metaphoric chance not only getting the Treasure but also of getting a wooden led, a missing eyeball and a good looking iron hook instead of a forearm.

Have Fun, Live at least Once… ‘Cause it’s all you’ll get live, ain’t it? 

To Steve, who left us living every second… Probably looking backward joining the dots he would have done some things differently, but since we are only, as humans, allowed to move forward, I doubt he would have second guessed his decisions at any point given the circumstances… Not even his denial and treatment, not even the Great Dome.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>In time, it’ll, the Great Dome, most probably become one of the Architectural Icons of XX and XXI century as San Peter’s Chappell, the lost Library of Alexandria, the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Pizza’s Tower,  etc… Time will tell but my instinct already is whispering that it shall survive us and transcend its “apparent” original purpose.

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