Inefficient of Bureaucracy of the Western World May be Coming to its Natural End


They look to be sitting at the top of a mountain of waste looking from the top of the hill down over the People.

The top tier bureaucrats, a powerful part of the State, implementors of the delirious dreams of the politician class. Although lower paid than private sector employees, enjoy living under much better schedules, with less stress, more secure jobs and with little or no pressure to improve productivity at all.

These favela’s heads may be in for a surprise, Austerity and the fury of the People that been kiss before them by it. Their inefficiencies and cost overruns are every day more unsettling and unforgiving for the taxpayer, fury is the felling that may best define the state of the People with regard to these accommodated middle class bureaucrats that act like if they were above good and evil, like heads of a “Familia” from old Sicily.

Nowadays, public services are talked over the net and measured against private services and other standard and Taxpayers are no more willing to swallow with inefficiencies due to the negligence and manifest incompetence of their “employees”. Why are the dodging the massive restructuring they, the Employers, had to go thru in the name of efficiency and cost cutting, that’s something that most don’t understand and no one is willing accept… And this sentiment doesn’t seem to lose any strength but on the other hand it appears to be rooting deeper and deeper in the unconscious of “rest” every day that passes by without any reform whatsoever.

Reform is coming, like it or not, one way of the other… The more time it passes before The People perceives it, the demands of change’ll be more profound and radical. Nowadays, the bare minimums consists in that gerontocracies, the advantage of the oldest not the fittest, will need to end, rigid hierarchies will have to go and pay-grades without any correlation to actual performance will need to die. That’s if that privileged caste wants to survive.

Inefficiency in the Public sector drives inefficiencies in the Private sector, Bureaucrats love to feel important making The Others turns rounds and rounds for satisfying their own personal egos and to delay as much as practically possible any decision (whom ever takes less decisions, the less times he’ll possibly be wrong) … And since the Efficiency of a Country workforce accounts for the weighted average of both… The efforts made by the rest are curtailed when â…“ of the working population is intentionally pulling from your ankles down.

It may be important that politicians bear in mind that the current system, based on merit at just one or very few points in time, doesn’t work… In the past three centuries, they haven’t come to terms with the fact that professional life is a continuous learning experience and evaluation, that a single “merit” doesn’t say o means anything… Current performance is what counts, past merits is just past, history, and does not implies future performance.

Politicians, better start learning from Singapore, where the public sectors competes head to head with the private because they have the adequate human resources (in quality not quantity; it’s better to have at your side just a wise man than a thousand fools) to do it… And start thinking what to do in the “old world” before the “old world” takes the mater in their own hands and foots; and kick their butts also out the door with their precious civil servants.

As long as most people without ambition or much interest in anything, chose as a profesional career to prepare the exams and merits for to gain a post as Civil Servant in the administration, so the can live without pressure, stress, problems, working shorter hours specially during Christmas and summer time and longer vacations than the rest of The People… What we’ll most probably have is a population of incompetent, unmotivated, lazy, overstaffed Bureaucracy of Civil Servants; and

By the way their status with regard to hours and vacations is an unreasonable discrimination against the rest of The People. Either we are all equal in front of the Law or we must laugh at our constitution… Because they are just like us (I would say in most cases they would less deserving… )

No Exam qualifies no one for ever -luck, memory, repetition- the world evolves as knowledge, practice, laws, etc.. does… And most of them, due to the system in place, got stuck in learning their exam an not how to think… If you don’t know how to think critically everything else, you Learn by heart is worthless anyways… But can we spect something else if the system delivered also by Bureaucrats hasn’t evolved a bit in tree hundred years -oh, man didn’t they, all those Bureaucrat, had time to “Think”… Most probably they didn’t know how and they weren’t interested changing things either.

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